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WELCOME to Roark Photography!

I'm a photographer, not a web designer so I'll keep this simple and let the photography speak for itself.
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Originally specializing in Sports Photography, with an additional focus in Martial Arts photography,
my specialties are "Events", such as Tournaments, Seminars, Competitions, School/Dojo pictures
and Specialty portraits offering a number of unique settings.  I also have done pictures for Teams,
Leagues, and Musicians/Bands.  Competitions for Baseball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Track and ...more. 

Additionally, I've done Party photos, Portrait work and the photography for the Covers of five books/magazines (so far!).
From various Competitions to Promo work for Models/Trainers, to Portraits and Posters....tell me how I can help you. 

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Please contact me to discuss availability, rates, or other questions.  We look forward to providing you with excellent services.

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